Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Photo of three students looking at a computer screenLearn about the principles that Universal Design for Learning (UDL) are based on and how those principles are shaping today‚Äôs classrooms to make learning environments meet the needs of all learners in the same setting.

UDL and Listening: Read a short paper on the role of listening in supporting UDL.

UDL and Audiobooks: Audiobooks are an excellent tool for supporting the UDL principles in the classroom. Read an article about why they are so beneficial.

Valuable UDL Resources from CAST:

CAST and the UDL Connection: Visit this section on the CAST website to learn about designing curriculum that is accessible to all students and get more information on the CAST and UDL learning connection.

Teaching with Digital Tools: Visit the CAST website for links, numerous examples and resources of digital media that teachers can easily incorporate into the classroom and lesson plans.

UDL Book Builder:  Use this new tool from CAST to create books for your classroom that will engage and build reading skills for all of your students.

UDL Lesson Plan Builder: Use this interactive tool on the CAST website to build lesson plans that are based on UDL principles that will help to make your lessons accessible to all learners. Begin building your UDL lessons with the UDL Lesson Plan Builder tool.