The Science of Listening

Teacher talking with a student

We know that sound waves enter through our ears, but how does our brain turn what we hear into something that we can understand and process? Read the articles below to learn more about listening and the process that the brain goes through to decipher the messages it receives.

History and Overview of Listening
Learn about the different types of listening that we do and the subtle changes that teachers can make to improve their students’ abilities to listen successfully.

Learning Through Listening in the Digital World:
Read this multi-media paper to learn about the complex steps the brain goes through to decipher and process the many messages it receives from the ears. The paper includes video clips of examples and the author explaining some of the concepts in the paper, which helps to bring the paper alive for the reader.

Listening and Technology:
Audiobooks provide students an alternative way to acquire knowledge and allow interactive learning to take place.  Read an article about how technology is enhancing listening.