Teaching Listening

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All teachers have asked themselves the question, “Why aren’t these students listening to me?” Learn a few easy steps that you can follow today to help students become better listeners now.

Ten Steps to Effective Listening: Learn the 10 easy steps that you can teach your students right now to make them better listeners today!

How Can I Teach Listening?  Read about explicit and implicit ways to teach listening in the classroom.

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Listening Skills Inventory:  Use this inventory of listening skills sequenced according to grade ranges to identify which listening skills your students have mastered and which ones need to be taught.

Listening While Reading:  Learn how listening while reading helps to differentiate instruction, supports the reading process and benefits the students.

Active Listening T-chart: Did you know that you can actually see and hear an active listener? Use this T-chart to talk to students about what active listening looks and sounds like. Create the T-chart as a class. Act out and sound out the active listening behaviors. Make the Chart into a poster and review it prior to listening activities. PDF | RTF

Language for Social Interaction Checklist: This checklist is based on New York’s Learning Standards for English and Language Arts - Standard 4, Language for Social Interaction. The language for social interaction skills are listed in the left hand column, with suggested activities in the center column. When available, one can link directly to the activity on the Learning Through Listening website. The Mastery column can be checked off when the student has mastered the skill at a 95% confidence level.  PDF | RTF

Listening Quiz and Teacher’s guide:  Use this quiz to introduce the importance of listening to your students. Use the Teacher’s Guide with answers to discuss why listening is important and how they may be able to improve their listening skills.

  • Listening Quiz: PDF | RTF
  • Listening Quiz Teacher's Edition: PDF | RTF

Supporting Universal Design for Learning (UDL) with Listening:  Read this short paper on the role of listening in supporting the principles of UDL.

RTF format  I  PDF format

Supporting Differentiated Instruction with Listening:  Read this short paper on how listening supports differentiated instruction.

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