Character Relationship Web

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To provide a means for students to visually represent the relationships that exist between characters.


This graphic organizer can be used as is with secondary students, or teachers can simplify the form for younger students. By completing this graphic organizer, students will clearly define if and/or how characters relate to each other and the important feelings that exist between the two characters. 

Directions for using the graphic organizer:

  1. Give the Character Relationship Web to students when they begin reading or listening to a new novel.
  2. Explain the purpose of the graphic organizer to students and complete the first two characters as a group.
  3. Tell students how many characters (circles) they should be completing as they read the novel.
  4. Students can add to their relationship notes as they progress through the novel.

This graphic organizer can easily be differentiated to address different levels of learning by adjusting the number of characters for which students must show relationships. For example, advanced students show relationships for five characters, but struggling students show relationships for three characters.


 graphic organizer

Graphic Organizer:

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graphic organizer