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Lesson Plans

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Classroom Strategies and Activities

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Explore a variety of strategies and activities that will help build your students’ listening skills.

Explore the UDL Curriculum Barriers and Solutions Finder interactive tool to find solutions to common curricular barriers.

Use the Listening Skills Inventory to assess students' listening skills.

Listening to Learn

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Learn how teaching listening skills can improve student achievement. 

Explore lesson plans using our POWER Listening strategy.

Experience new interactive essays on the relationship between learning, listening, and literacy.

Audiobooks in the Classroom

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Learn how to manage and implement audio textbooks and literature in your classroom. Visit our Training Center

This is a great time to make sure your students with certified print disabilities sign up for access to accessible audiobooks from Learning Ally's library through Individual Memberships. Get your students started with accessible textbooks today!

Audiobooks in the Library and Media Center

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We've added new resources to our special section for librarians and media specialists. Learn how you can assist students that use audiobooks with educational tasks that require library and media resources.